We undertake to ensure that less congested routes are selected accordingly during planning for deliveries.

Trucks are serviced in time, inspected on daily basis for road worthiness conditions, ensuring that they meet safety standards and environmental requirements in terms CO2 emissions. Trucks also fitted with tracking units to ensure real time reporting to clients. Drivers are regular trained and assessed for road fitness and readiness.


We ensure that products are stored on dedicated systems, grouped according to their compatibility, kept as per MSDS’s and manufacturer’s specifications or instruction.

We ensure that goods stored in a warehousing, are kept and controlled using the First In First Out (FIFO) systems. Facilities are ensured to meet fire fighting and protection standards as per local & international codes. Best practice are also employed to improve handling processes.


We ensure that packages delivered to customers are packed with high quality care. Special protective considerations are employed to guarantee  safety of goods in transit. We also ensure compliance of our freighting fleets to SA National Road Acts and Environmental  Regulations. This translate into our  customer's zero stoppage of their processes.


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